Rawi’s Chinese intensive course in Bochum (DE)

After many months of discussions, preparations and waiting, it finally becomes clear that Rawi’s assignment to China is going to be approved.

Rawi heads off to Bochum for a Chinese intensive course of three weeks at the “Landesspracheninstitut”.

LSI Main_1

“Tief im Westen… ist es besser… als man glaubt…”

Check out the LSI Sinicium.


Attending the class with total 8 students and in the super efficient LSI “drill” style.

Rawi Eggert - Chinese Name_1

Thanks for my great Chinese name, Prof. Frühauf !!!


Good morning, China.


Checkin’ the basics 🙂




IMG_3708IMG_3711 Always leaving the class astonished and fully packed with an incredible amount of new phrases, vocabulary and funny pronounciations thanks to the amazing LSI teachers.



Time to relax in the week-end in the university’s Chinese park.


“Hm, how is it gonna be like in Changchun…?”


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