Rawi’s arrival in Changchun

The time has arrived… if I wanted or not:   😮

An intense and packed January 2014 goes to its end and Rawi 艾荣伟 Ài Róngwěi takes off to China  – just in time for CHINA NEW YEAR week in beginning of February! An icy cold Manchurian winter welcomes me.IMG_5451 A sparkling blue sky and an intense alpine-like sun sets Changchun’s final daylight.IMG_5467 The Chinese Year of the Horse has just started – hum whinny.IMG_5436 Cold, clear and icy horse guards at Sheraton, my new home for the next 3 months in Moonlake park district.IMG_5500 Oh là là….IMG_5504 My view out of my penthouse window… is this winter wonderland?IMG_5498 Yes. -36 ° Celsius in the night freezes the humidity within my room to small icicles in the *inner* side of my window. Déjà vue! We had this already when camping with our Eurovan in Utah in winter 2012/13 🙂IMG_5522 Mmmmh…. a good WMF cappuccino, pancakes and fruits make me happy in the morning.IMG_5524 Watching the Chinese families loading a feast on their breakfast table is fun!IMG_5528


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