Changchun Jingyuetan Park in winter

Minus 25-35 ºC in winter – perfect conditions for an Ice Festival.

One week after my arrival I took a walk into the hills of Jingyuetan Park, just 500m away from my Sheraton residence at the outer south eastern border of Changchun.

The Jingyuetan’s “Moon Lake” has a thick ice and snow layer of several meters. Trucks and cars cross the lake during the day.


Hey, Manchurian fellow! Are you the guard of the “Changchun Snow and Ice Festival“?


“Yes, my dear Laowai. Come in and enjoy our Frozen Lake Fun Park”, showing you the Chinese way of a winter festival:

For instance with “Bicycle Bonanza sleds” 🙂


Or the “Rolling Stratosphere Seats”:IMG_5599

And if you always wanted to play being a general on a rocket truck: Here in China you can do it.IMG_5605

Take it a level higher and then go crazy with these rocket tanks:IMG_5603

Ah okay, you are a pacifistic physicist? 😉 Play instead play “bouncing electron” with these ice auto scooters. IMG_5600

Hm, is there anything else to see here…


…ah here! A castle:IMG_5614

And the ice castle king has even a tiny ski resort in his garden.IMG_5647

Featuring rolling ski staircases.IMG_5575

And funny Chinese skiers staking around on the almost flat snow hill with these weird boards below the shoes (what’s these things for again?)…IMG_5572

Where’s the city which belongs to the ice castle?

Uh oh…. sweeeetIMG_5620

Bye bye winter festival. Hello, year of the horse! IMG_5638


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