Weekend Ski @ Beidahu

When we were thinking about going to Changchun we worried a little about the sport possibilities.
Especially for skiing, since I (Rawi) just learned skiing in 2011 and I did not want to loose my skills. My mood cheered up when Olaf (our Conti plant manager) organized an Expat Ski trip to Beidahu. This location appeared to be a pretty decent ski ressort and just 2h East of Changchun.IMG_6383Beidahu has 4 lifts and 800m height difference. The top is at 1400m.IMG_6388

It also featured already a basic fun park…IMG_6400

..and usually good snow. Most of the winter it can be very cold here, though always blue sky and intense sun, in December to March about -10 .. -30 ºC. We were lucky this week-end, an unusual warm period in February for a couple of days around 0 .. -5 ºC.


Most of Chinese who can afford skiing do also have good cars.

But you can take also a traditional mountain taxi:IMG_6447_

Expat dinner with Hot Pot. IMG_6425

Ski apartment houses in Rocky Mountain style.IMG_6427 IMG_6460

For many Chinese the foreigners are still some kind of rare alien and they often stop or ask you to take a pic together. IMG_6479

Panorama time with Stefan, Christian and Olaf.IMG_6490


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