Weekend Ski @ Changbaishan

Just two weeks after enjoying my first Chinese Skiing in Beidahu with the Expat colleagues, I had the chance to join my Chinese colleagues from Speed Segment to go to Changbaishan – the wild and fantastic mountain range on the North-Korean border.

The group had great team spirit and the trip was fun and relaxing from beginning to the end. Chinese youngsters are great in organizing such kinds of social events and trips, everybody brings lots of good snacks and stories to tell and will just make sure that everybody in the group feels cozy and happy. IMG_6740My colleagues team lead Yi organized an incredible deadly cheap trip with a comfortable 16-seater bus and a chauffeur who brought us from Changchun to Changbaishan in an easygoing 6h road trip (500 RMB for the whole week-end including bus trip, ski pass, Holiday Inn Hotel night stay).

Arrived in Wanda City, we started exploring the resort and played the Chinese version of slack-lining (crash pads by 50cm of snow on both sides):IMG_6765

A beautiful weather presents the premium resort in its best shape…IMG_6744

Wanda Ski Resort @ Changbaishan is a just a neat and small 300m hill but still a decent resort with very safe snow conditions all over the winter. The resort area offers full service where Chinese visitors from Beijing and Shanghai get a full package with skis, sticks, helmet, sun glasses, and even clothes – in blue or pink as you prefer:IMG_6839

But the view from the hill top is great along the far Changbaishan mountain chain with the view on North-Korean terrain just some miles away:


In the far behind the group you can see Changbaishan Volcano Crater and the border of North-Korea:

IMG_6748After the walk let’s have a regional snack… (this head was actually nibbled off from one of the sweet well-dressed female hipster colleagues, where you would imagine she rather likes to eat only ice cream and pizza):IMG_6745 And after a day of snow hiking…

…you have may wanna go to a Manchurian Hot Spring  –  Volcano heated:IMG_6782

Feel-good wellness  –  the Chinese way….IMG_6772And taking a cool Tsingtao-Beer with you in the pool – the German way… 🙂IMG_6775Taking a snow-bath after the hot spring  –  the Scandinavian way… 🙂

(not to forget keeping the beer cool) :IMG_6791Good-bye Wanda Changbaishan…!IMG_6818


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