Business trip to Hangzhou

A business trip to the historic and splendid city of Hangzhou end of March 2014 presented the first Chinese spring to me (Rawi).

After a visit at Geely Headquarter, one of the biggest Chinese Car Makers and owner of Volvo, I sneaked out to the city’s famous West Lake Park for one afternoon.

Hangzhou was the world’s biggest city of the middle age (before Bagdad). The Song Dynasty made it rich and powerful, serving as the Asia hub for silk products and export. Marco Polo was here in the 13. century and flirted with the mistresses of the great emperor. 🙂



View from the top of the Leifeng Pagoda to the northern Hills of the West Lake Park.IMG_7100

View onto the West Lake and Hangzhou downtown.IMG_7117

Wooden art craft telling the famous stories of Hangzhou dynasty legends.IMG_7128

Today he takes it easy…IMG_7155

Look onto the famous “Broken” Bridge…IMG_7165

…where retired Chinese rise dragon kites with their grand-children…IMG_7191

The Baochu Pagoda on Precious Stone Hill north of West Lake.IMG_7195

Ahh… dive into Hangzhou’s relaxing life..IMG_7197

…away from business life…IMG_7204

The Chinese do have precise rules…

…okay, I’ll take a bike with only one seat…IMG_7210

…and then take the bus to the airport..IMG_7211

“Yes ma’m, everything alright!”IMG_7214

An organic food shop on the way… city life is modern.IMG_7220

Having a last dinner before continuing my trip. A close look thru the Resto window shows me a clean and efficient Dumpling manufaction. Deal – I’ll take it.IMG_7241


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