Arrival Veerle in Changchun

Great arrival at the airport of Changchun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂IMG_2661 With the little Belgian polar (going-to-be-panda) bear that I (Vee) received from my colleagues before leaving, feeling at home easily.IMG_1009 Enjoying Sheraton’s famous breakfast buffet.IMG_7890 IMG_1025 Same view from the hotel room as last time in November, but this time with spring in the air! Still ice on the lake when I arrived, melting bit by bit every day and trees getting greener little by little. A great feeling.IMG_1020 Enjoying a defrosting Changchun. Loads of people coming out to the streets and the parks to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Very nice.IMG_7691 IMG_7694 Ananananas! :-))))
(a picture dedicated to the Gillis-family ;-))IMG_7721 Arrr so deliciousIMG_7731

Okay, Changchun’li, I’ll stay here. 🙂



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