Chinese cooking courses – Part 1: Dumplings

We were invited to participate in a Chinese cooking ‘course’ organised by Daniela and Till, a German couple living in Changchun and both colleagues of Rawi at Continental. The course was given by a Chinese colleague, Xiaoye and her friend Wang.

First, we went all together to the enormous Zhongdong “Middle East” market to buy the ingredients.

The food market was an impressive experience for us. It is huuuuge and you can find anything you can imagine, see yourself….

Zhongdong market

Small eggs, tiny eggs, middle-sized eggs, big eggs, huge eggs, brown, black, green, blue…IMG_7851

Seafood and things we never knew they existedIMG_1088


Chicken feet are a very popular delicacy in China. People are eating them everywhere and you can buy them even per piece in plastic wrapping to eat as a snack as we would eat a snickers. The good thing: Chinese people don’t let any part of the animal go wasted.IMG_1086

Another “curiosity” well known for China and other Asian countries… no this is no maks from a horror or zombie movie…IMG_7849

…and there are the other parts of this species’ body too:IMG_1094IMG_1097

Afterward completing our tour in this Chinese intergalactic food market we gathered at the apartment of Dani and Till to do the cooking.

First, prawn crackers (krupuk, kroepoek) as appetiser:IMG_7864

Dumpling preparations:






Peppers and spring onions

And then you make different mixtures as you prefer yourself and add spices.
On the right side in the picture: Scrambled egg with shrimp and spring onion.IMG_7870

Onion, coriander and meat:IMG_7873

Then wrap all the mixtures in small quantities in thin round layers of dough.IMG_5761

Let the dumplings shortly cook in a bouillon and serve with soy sauce mixed with mashed hot peppers and vinegar as wished.IMG_5762

We served the dumplings with a cucumber-carrot salad with jellyfish (cut in long narrow pieces, not my favourite I must say)IMG_7872

Desert (together with Dani’s chocolate cupcakes). On the bottom of the pot you can see red dragon fruit. Delicious!IMG_7860

Red dragon fruit:


The cooking was easy, eating it even more :-).IMG_7874


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