Move to our apartment! :-)

The beginning of a “long spring” – this is what Changchun [长 cháng = long, 春 chūn = spring] means – truly arrived. A nice warm weather with a greening cityscape invited us to move on the first day of May from the business hotel into our new snugly apartment. We decided for this apartment already in November, when we were in Changchun for our orientation trip. Christian, Rawi’s German colleague at Continental Changchun lived in the apartment before and he decided to go by the end of April on a 6-month sabbatical trip in Asia before heading back to Germany.

The apartment is located in Zhonghai Layin Dong Jun, a compound next to the river, located in the South of Changchun. Our Chinese address: 中国 吉林省  长春市  中海 莱茵 东 郡. Rawi’s working place, Continental Plant II, is located about 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by bike southwards. It is a neat and a bit of a trendy area with a variety of shops, restaurants and bars, many of them serving German beer. The street next to us is even called the “German beer street”, with one ‘Bierstube’ next to the other. Although it is a popular area for foreigners to live, it is mainly Chinese people who live here.

The apartment was fully furnished when we received it, so we only needed to bring in our personal things and buy some small things like plants and household accessories.

Some impressions of the compound and the apartment:


View on the main pedestrian entrance of the compound while standing in the German beer street. Our apartment is in the right part of the compound.


German beer bars in the Bierstrasse. Every night this street is loaded with people.


Our apartment building


The front entrance to our apartment. Ours is the one on the ground level, right side (behind the bushes).


Back entrance through the garden


Garden and terrace in the back of the house


Smaller garden and terrace in front of the house (with evening sun :-))


Living room viewed from the dining space: the door on the left is the main entrance to the apartment; the door between the plants is the guest room; behind the photographer is the kitchen.


Kitchen with door to the front terrace


Winter garden viewed from the office area


Master bedroom


Bathroom with bath


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