Chinese grill party in our garden

Weeks before we were going to move into our apartment, Rawi’s Chinese colleagues already made up the plan to organise garden grill and warm-up party in our apartment. We welcomed this charming proposal.

A dry and rather sunny afternoon was predicted for Saturday 10th of May and so the organisation started and we opened our gates. The deal: Rawi made sure that there was enough to drink and the Chinese guests brought the food in Chinese BBQ style. A real Chinese grill party it was!

The crew in the kitchen:IMG_8552   IMG_8561 IMG_8562

The crew outside:IMG_8553

The grill master(s):IMG_8555IMG_1696

Food is ready!IMG_8575

The food was thoroughly assessed by our local expert before consumption:IMG_8565

Chinese veggie wraps (our favourite!):
= Tofu sheets filled with cucumber, spring onion, radish leaves and fried egg in Chinese tomato-chilli sauce -> wrap it up like a pancake and ready to bite!IMG_8580 IMG_8584 IMG_1695  BBQ-ed clams (Jakob’s Muscheln):IMG_8593 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_8599

A very nice and funny Chinese game (unfortunately we forgot the name).
How it works (for those interested): everybody has 5 cards with a drawing on it (all cards in the game are different). The player who is in control of the game (this changes in every round) chooses one of his/her cards (without showing it to the others) and makes a statement about it (whatever he or she wants). All other players than have to choose one of their own cards that comes as close to the statement as possible (without showing the card to anybody). All those cards are then mixed up and put visibly on the table. Next, everybody has to guess which is the original card of the player that made the statement (which requires a good assessment of the character and emotions of the player). Those players who get it right receive the points of the round. The more people can guess it right, the more points the person receives who made the statement (if nobody can guess it right, the person who made the statement does not get any points either). The player that is the first to reach the end of the scoreboard has won the game.IMG_8605 IMG_8606

Thanks ASAT China team for this wonderful day!



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