A walk through Changchun’s national park: Jingyuetan

Jingyuetan national forest park is located on the Southeast border of Changchun and covers about 200 square kilometers. It is a beautiful park with a big lake and many small trails. It is only 15 minutes away (by light train or 20 minutes by bike) from our home. Part of the park is surrounded by a big fence and contains some attractions such as boat rental, an artificial beach and ski slopes. The entrance fee costs about 4 euro per person. How those attractions of the inner part (within the fence) of the park look like in autumn and winter could already be seen in our posts of November 2013 and February 2014.

This day we wanted to explore the outer part of the park (outside of the fence) and perhaps find our friends that were climbing somewhere in the park. We did not find them but had a great walk anyway.IMG_1713 IMG_1715 The city of Changchun appears in the distanceIMG_8677

Great re-naturalized stone quarry! Maybe a future climbing spot? 🙂

IMG_1717Dreamful forest trails.IMG_8688 IMG_8689 IMG_1725 IMG_8705 IMG_8710 IMG_1730 IMG_8724

Without being aware of it and taken some hidden entrance trail, we “accidentally” entered the fenced inner part of the park ending up at the lake shore:IMG_8731 IMG_1732 Dragon boats waiting patiently for the dragon boat festival on June 2nd:IMG_1735Jingyuetan Science Museum:IMG_1738Red Chinese cherriesIMG_1741 IMG_8742  IMG_1749 IMG_8757


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