Ça pousse bien dans le jardin :-)

The former renter of our apartment, Christian, had told us that the garden is a great place to grow vegetables and that we should bring good seeds from Europe. The climate is pretty similar to Belgium or Germany, however with more sun and warmer temperatures in summer, less rain in July and August, and of course significantly colder temperatures in winter. The soil is more clayey and therefore a bit more fertile.

We liked the idea, smuggled a variety of little seed bags through the Chinese customs and with the help of our Āyí 阿姨 (household assistant/cleaning lady), we turned our back garden into a vegetable yard.

Since our Āyí also had some ideas to cultivate our garden the Chinese way with typical local vegetables, it became a mixture of Chinese and Belgian vegetables. I will keep updating this post with latest developments, so stay tuned if you like it! 😉

How it begun (May 1st):
IMG_1157With Christian’s little Chinese body guards (there is another one more to the right) still on the outlook for potential invaders and waiting to be shipped to Germany.

Overview of our back garden on June 2nd:IMG_2634Chard (in Dutch: snijbiet of warmoes, in German: Mangold):IMG_2628Next to the salad: calendula, dill and corianderIMG_2632 Cucumber:IMG_2630Eggplant and 2 kinds of peppers (small hot ones and big normal ones):IMG_2633Tomatoes, also a mix of different kinds:IMG_2635Lots of strawberries in our front garden. Checked daily. Can’t wait for them to grow!IMG_2644June 10th: yihuuu 🙂 🙂 🙂IMG_2689Garden salad for dinner (June 19th)IMG_9958A very nice present from our garden on my birthday:IMG_2897Our first cucumber and eggplant (June 28th)IMG_2924
July 13th..IMG_3263IMG_3298The only ‘real’ gardening problem we’re facing is greenflies (=bladluizen/Blattläuse) on the cucumber plants. If anybody has organic solutions for that (besides nettle or rhubarb extract because those plants don’t grow here), always very welcome!IMG_3301No need to go to the vegetables market anymore for a while!IMG_3262


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