About Changchun

Changchun [长 cháng = long, 春 chūn = spring] is the capital of Jilin Province, located in the Manchurian (Northeast) region of China. The city has an urban area of 4,682 sq.km and an urban population of about 8 million people. Around 300,000 foreigners work here (including many Russians and Filipinos).


The region is characterised by a continental climate with long, cold and windy, but dry and sunny winters (about 10 degrees colder than Belgium or Germany) and a summer that rather feels like spring (sunny and warm, not hot, with regular showers).

Changchun is the cradle of China’s auto industry and therefore known as the “motor city” of China. The city hosts FAW, one of the “big four” Chinese car manufacturers (together with Chang’an motors, Dongfeng motor and SAIC motor) and largest auto industry research and production base. FAW has many joint ventures including Volkswagen and Audi. About 500.000 people work for FAW and many of them live in the residential area next to the FAW quarters. The district is like a city on its own.

Besides car manufacturing, Changchun is known for its educational facilities. Many young people come from all over the province and beyond to study in Changchun. In total 26 colleges are located in the city including Jilin university, one of the most prestigious universities of China and well-known for its high qualified education. Around 70,000 students are enrolled here each year (more or less equals Leuven and Ghent University together). Furthermore, five national key laboratories were established here, as well as eight national bases for the development of basic science.
In 2001, Changchun was awarded as one of the four “Chinese National Garden Cities” due to its high urban greening rate. Besides that, Changchun received many other awards:
• Highest score “China City Living Quality Index” in the year 2012
• National Hygiene City
• National Model Green City
• National Environmental Protection Model City
• Most Friendly City of China
• Happiest Cities of (Mainland) China
• National Civilized City
However, compared to some European cities and standards, it is not always as ‘civilized, hygienic and green’ as we would have imagined, but it surely has its beautiful sides.
Below two representative pictures of Changchun that I found in the internet while waiting for our own pictures to come.
We posted already some pictures of Changchun in the post ‘Orientation trip to Changchun‘.



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