About us


Rawi & Vee, during the last weekend together in Brussels in January 2014 before leaving to China.

After our amazing previous delegation challenge in 2012 for which we spent 9 months in Michigan (USA), we could not wait to start a new international work & life adventure. Our experiences from North America can still be seen on Tumblr Rawi & Vee.

The year 2014 brings us to the Manchurian city of Changchun, the Automotive & Railway center of China, for a longer term delegation.
Rawi is R&D Engineer at Continental, a global German automotive tire and electronics supplier. After 8 years of working in the area of gyrometer, sensor cluster, battery sensor development and project management, he takes over the position as R&D manager for the Advanced Sensors segment ASAT of Continental China. His expertise -energy sensors for hybrid cars- is a fast growing field in the Asian market and supports the trend for environmentally friendly vehicles in China.
Veerle is a bioscience engineer, specialised in soil- and environmental sciences. She takes a one year sabbatical (1.04.2014 – 31.03.2015) after 14 great months of working for the Flemish government (Regulator of the electricity and gas market / Flemish Energy Agency) in Brussels, to continue completing her PhD on sustainability of bioenergy systems, and afterwards work as a post-Doc for the agricultural department of Jilin University in Changchun.


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